Service Design and UX in clinical trials

HumanBehindEveryNumber is a Service Design and UX research project for KCR CRO. The goal was to learn about the experiences of patients participating in clinical trials and to look at the trials themselves as a service that can be improved.

More than Service Design

We've done more than Service Design. We implemented a content, multimedia and strategic project for the client. We conducted in-depth interviews and workshops in five countries. Thanks to us, over 100 videos have been made, as well as a YouTube channel, and visual identification, along with an online platform presenting the results and course of the project. As a result of these efforts our client established a foundation in Boston under this name. The Foundation is currently continuing to study patient experiences.

This is the vision of clinical trials of the future

We looked at the clinical examination as a service and the patient as a client. This allowed us to fully map the patient's path during the clinical examination and understand their emotions at each stage of the process.

#HumanBehindEveryNumber is addressed to organizations interested in clinical research: pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, and CROs, as well as patients who are the main participants in the process of creating and marketing new drugs.

Increasing profits and reducing SaaS operating costs
Increasing profits and reducing SaaS operating costs

Acclaimed by the clinical research industry

The project was a complex undertaking in terms of logistics, patient and expert recruitment, video production and design.






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iF Design Award 2018


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Acclaimed by the clinical research industry

The best experts

We recruited valued experts from the clinical research trial industry to participate in the project - Prof. Michael Gibson from Harvard Medical School, Douglas Reichgott from Tufts Medical Center, Ellyn Getz from The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP).

The best experts

The patient's path

Together with patients, we recreated the path of a patient participating in the clinical trial.

Ethnographic research

We showed the specificity of individual countries and the way patients think about clinical trials.

A patient's emotions

We learned about and mapped the patients' emotions at every stage of the clinical trial.

Process optimalization

What does this mean in practice? A faster start of the next phase of the clinical trial. Shortening the time for a medical product to enter the market. Positive relations between doctors and patients.

Visual communication

We designed the visual identification system of the project, which was based on video content.






Color palette

Color palette

Video platform

We created an online video platform to present the project's progress and results using AWS Cloud technology. The website has become the basis for the Foundation's website.

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