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Marketplace HR Management System

Management System Drug Development Process

Analytical Tool Remote Glucose Monitoring

Marketplace Social Network

iOS Personal Travel Management

Apple Watch Football Live Notifications

We design interfaces for web applications. We code dedicated software based on cloud solutions (Python, React, Next.js, AWS). We have been awarded for our creativity.

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We use modern technologies and solutions in our web development and mobile development processes.


Start your project fast the right way through a Discovery Workshop with the participation of our best experts in product design and solution architecture. Our workshop is well-organized, structured, and facilitated by a certified trainer. We design preliminary software architecture discussing the advantages of solutions available on the market. You receive a Roadmap and tech stack recommendations.


Performance, scalability, global availability, and security. We achieve it thanks to proven solutions and frameworks: Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, AWS, and Docker. We integrate with any system using API, we build applications based on microservices and monoliths.


Consistent, made with attention to detail, SEO-friendly, responsive, running on any device: TypeScript, React, Next.js, GraphQL, Headless.


We optimize software production cycles. We provide users with the latest stable version of the software thanks AWS CodePipelines, AWS Amplify, AWS CDK, Docker.

AWS DevOps

You will receive the application just like the best companies on the market receive. We use the infrastructure as a code approach. We take care of the application maintenance costs (Cloud Economy). We will use the potential of AWS Cloud by selecting and integrating it with appropriate services. The stack of a sample project from our portfolio contains CloudFront, Cognito, EC2, Lambda, RDS, Route 53, S3, SES, SNS, and SQS.


The quality of the code and the final product is ensured thanks to Clean code, Unit tests, Selenium, and Code Review.

A modern stack

We maintain a balance between modernity and operational stability. Our applications are based on AWS Cloud, serverless, and microservices.

Build to scale

Our applications are designed to serve millions of users from all over the world simultaneously (AWS Cloud). We maintain a balance between scalability and the client's budget.

True Agile

Delivering results at the end of each Sprint and the application architecture enabling the client to change requirements during the product development is evident, and our team offers it by default.