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The team of backend developers consists of specialists with many years and a wide variety of experience. We are a team, and we are ready to take on any task.

We have been creating, developing, and integrating:

  • Simple systems – CMS
  • More complex systems – E-Commerce platforms
  • Very demanding dedicated systems.

In projects, we often use:

  • Python (Django)
  • PHP (Zend Framework, Symfony, WordPress)
  • PostgreSQL, GraphQL, DynamoDB
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud.

Of all the backend technologies, the ones listed above are particularly dear to us because of their:

  • Speed (short product delivery time)
  • Efficiency (attractive product cost)
  • Availability (huge amount of free, open source libraries and frameworks)
  • Constant updates (they're continuously developed and adapted).

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Since we specialize in backend solutions, we are able to guarantee:

  • Attractive delivery time
  • High quality.

In all three areas:

  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps.


DevOps is another area of our specialization. We provide our customers with a full sense of security. We are responsible for the configuration, stability, security, and scalability of an application environment.

The growth of users and data will not be a surprise or a problem for us. We will be ready for it. We have many years of experience in creating, developing, and supervising systems infrastructure.

Method of work

We develop the majority of our projects using agile project management methodologies (e.g., Scrum).

Did You Know...

We pay special attention to good, customer-sensitive communication. In particular, we make sure to provide regular, frequent updates on the progress of work, and on key changes in a project.

Our standard is to give you an opportunity to test a product and get acquainted with a demo version :)

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