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is the award-winning UX design agency + software house in one amazing team

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Non-profit design

We love to create digital products in cooperation with organizations that are involved in building a better world.

Management team

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Over the past four years, we have received numerous honors and awards - Awwwards, PGDA, iF. We remain the only Polish company awarded the iF Design Award for Service Design and UX. We are a member of Red Dot Network, Polish STGU, IT working groups in industry associations.

Our awards
Company / JPG / PGD Awards

Nasi klienci

Life Science
  • Abbott
  • Aflofarm
  • Biokinetica
  • Curandus
  • Danone Poland
  • Evenio
  • Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
Legal + Finance
  • BRE Bank
  • DLK Legal
  • LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners
  • Maruta Wachta
  • myCashFlow
  • Marc Lauge
  • Strefa kursów
  • TRE Product
Tourism + Places
  • City of Warsaw
  • Coral Travel
  • National Institute for Museums and Public Collections
  • Passenger Rights
  • Truly Place
Tech + Delivery
  • i-systems
  • Maturi
HR + marketing
  • AMS
  • KCR Placement
Customer Stories

Our approach

Continuous improvement
At the heart of the Continuous integration, Continuous delivery, Continuous deployment approaches is the idea of ​​Continuous improvement. In our company, we build a culture of improvement not only in the area of ​​programming (DevOps), but also management and design (DesignOps).
Requirements engineering
We are comprehensive designers of IT solutions. The process of designing digital products is based on requirements engineering. We train and certify ourselves in business analysis to combine the UX approach with software engineering.
Design Thinking
Unexpectedly, we put Design Thinking at the end of our list. We think culture is at the heart of a great band. For us, this culture is continuous improvement. It does not allow us to look for shortcuts. Thanks to it, we value hard knowledge, including requirements engineering. Only later do we simplify the path of creation and co-creation using the Design Thinking method.