Corporate website for a clinical research company

We rebranded and created a new corporate website for KCR S.A. which communicates the company's new offer and makes it stand out in Boston’s very competitive clinical research market. This is all in accordance with the idea of its brand, "We see human behind every number".

Website for a Boston-based clinical research company

Redesign of the website

KCR offers highly complex clinical research services to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Established in 1998, KCR has grown from a Warsaw-based company into a global corporation employing over 500 specialists in several locations around the world. The company's new headquarters are in Boston.

The scope of work on the website

Based on the rebranding concept, we prepared a content strategy, researched the persona and developed an appropriate UX Design and UI Design. We were entrusted with the entirety of the web development and management of the AWS Cloud. The website has also been adapted to the needs of mobile device users. Thanks to AWS, the service is available to users regardless of their geographic location, i.e. whether they are in Boston or in Melbourne.

The scope of work on the website
Widoki mobilne

Branding of the company's offer

We have created the concept of presenting and distinguishing the company's offer. Each solution offered to clients has its own brand consistent with the identity of KCR. Trial Execution offers clinical trials. Consulting advises biotechnology companies. Placement provides specialized human resources.

KCR Placement
KCR Consulting
KCR Trial Execution

A fresh look at management

By using video, we increased users' involvement in the presentation of KCR’s managers and showed them as they truly are - real people. By drawing upon the company's image, we are functionally expressing the idea "We see human behind every number".

User experience for a pharmaceutical company

The website was designed following an analysis of the needs of clients and their usage scenarios. KCR's clients are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from around the world who work on innovative drugs and medical devices.

User experience for a pharmaceutical company

UI Design

The user interface design was based on Material Design standards. Along with the interface, a Design System has been created which KCR can use in other digital projects.

UI Design

Technical description


Ensure the efficiency and stability of the entire system due to the media nature of the platform and the very large number of visitors. As a result, our DevOps team designed and implemented a highly efficient and scalable application infrastructure based on the tools offered by AWS.

Google Visibility (SEO)

Most content is generated in a traditional way without dynamic DOM generation, which has positively influenced positioning results.

Technology tailored to customers

The share of users with Explorer 11 is almost 10%, therefore we have ensured that the most important functionalities work for the most used versions of internet browsers.

AWS cloud tools

ElasticBeanstalk, Elasticache, SES, RDS, SNS, CloudFront i Route 53.


Python (Django), PostgreSQL, JavaScript (ES6) oraz HTML5/CSS3.