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We will create or expand a web application.

Web applications. Create or expand?

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Web Applications

Web Applications. What We Offer

We develop existing websites, applications, and online stores. We fix and optimize errors, improve code, and increase visibility in the Google browser.

Web Applications from Scratch

We develop web applications and websites from scratch. We follow the clean code principle and use popular technologies (Python, PHP, React, JavaScript, Django, Zend, and WordPress). Our applications are developed for cloud infrastructure.

Development of Existing Web Applications

We accept websites and web applications made by individuals and third parties. We continue the work of other teams. We save the situation and ensure the continuity of business processes.

Error Fixing and Optimization

We optimize website code for the purposes of SEO or the WCAG 2.1 standard. We adapt applications to the requirements of maintenance and development in the cloud. We do everything to make the web application better, more efficient, and cheaper to operate.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance and development of web applications. We provide services in both models - without monthly fees (on-demand) and monthly subscriptions (SLA, guarantee of team availability).

Front-end Development

We match technology and frameworks to business requirements and expected standards. We stick to design guidelines and apply the pixel-perfect principle. We're capable of being a part of a development team and delivering the part of the project entrusted to us.

Back-end Development

We are an excellent choice for Python and PHP-based projects and frameworks. We design databases based on GraphQL, MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. We write APIs or integrate applications with existing solutions.

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Whether you want to create a new product or improve an existing one, we will respond to your needs!


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