iOS Development

We research, design, and develop mobile applications.

Mobile applications. Impressive in their seamlessness and ease of use

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iOS Development

Mobile Development. What We Offer

We support the entire life cycle of a mobile application. We adjust the application to the requirements of various mobile devices and platforms. We take care of the performance and security of the backend.

UX Audit of Mobile Apps

We will determine if users are encountering problems while executing usage scenarios in a mobile application. We will identify errors in UX Design and their causes. We will develop recommendations.

UX Research with Mobile Users

We will establish the context of the use of the application. We will examine micro-moments. We will determine in which elements we should focus on attractiveness and in which on usability (Usability vs. Desirability). We will develop recommendations.

Mobile UX Design

We will create a prototype to test ideas. We will design wireframes according to Material Design (Android) or Human Interface Guidelines (iOS). We will use the latest UI patterns or create dedicated ones for your application.

Responsive Web Design

We will design a web application according to the RWD standard. The application will change its size and layout. It will support different resolutions depending on the screen of a device.


Do you need high capacity? Need to handle payments? Want to take full advantage of native APIs and mobile features? No problem. We'll use native technology dedicated to iOS.

React Native

Do you want to build an application quickly? For a single project with a short life cycle? To test an idea, a concept? We will make an app using React Native. Thanks to React Native, the following apps were made: Instagram, Facebook, Walmart, and Bloomberg.



Coral Travel

iOS app design for Coral Travel

We designed a mobile application for Coral Travel.

Business Analysis UX Design UI Design

Tourism + Places

Case study


Website for a Boston-based clinical research company

A website for an international company that communicates a boutique image.

UX Design RWD Python AWS Salesforce

Life Science

Case study

Are you ready for a product that customers will love?

Whether you want to create a new product or improve an existing one, we will respond to your needs!