UX Research

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What value does UX Research provide?

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We offer everything you need to make users love your company.

UX Research

UX Research. What We Offer

UX Research will help you design your product better and increase conversions. The Story combines experience in UX Design with experience in research. We only provide evidence-based UX.

Traffic Analysis

UX Research allows you to determine the scale of interest in your product or service in particular market segments.

Interface Benchmarking

Instead of auditing ourselves, we audit the competition. As a result of UX Research, we get an overview of the best solutions for particular digital product use cases.

UX Audit

We perform UX Audits for B2B websites, E-Commerce, paths to purchase, mobile, and web applications.

Usability Testing

We conduct tests of a prototype or an existing web app, and mobile application. User testing allow us to diagnose defective elements. You will find out which functionalities are incomprehensible, unintuitive, difficult and inconvenient for users.

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It is impossible to determine the duration of research without knowing the scope of it, the number of respondents, or the research method, which we select individually for the specific research objective. However, thanks to our rich experience we are able to precisely determine the research schedule after getting to know the details. We invite you to contact us.
It is difficult to determine the price of UX Research without knowing the scope of work required for a particular study, the number of respondents, and other guidelines. However, if we know these variables, we are able to determine an accurate cost estimate. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.
UX Research is recommended for any company that wants to improve the UX of its product or service. However, they bring the fastest results in digital businesses.

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