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A branding concept and visual identity system for a digital product are essential to start working on visual design. Branding allows the Design Phase to start.

Branding gives life. For a majority of companies, branding means rebirth. Branding gave birth to our company, but it is not about designing The Story's logo.

More than 10 years ago, we started working with the branding agency BNA, one of the best agencies on the Polish market, offering a bold, at that time, concept of digital branding.

The first project in which we had a chance to test the idea of branding in the digital world was the rebranding of a Polish BRE Bank (now mBank).

We were working on this project alongside the BNA. Our three-member team worked on the bank's online brand strategy and adapted BRE's visual identity system to meet the requirements of 2009 browsers.

The next project involved the rebranding of Sygma Bank, and further on, we played a small part in the redesign of mBank's trading platform.

Since then, we have continuously developed our expertise in the IT industry. However, instead of going in the direction of a digital agency that deals with online campaigns, we have always looked at the design as a usability, the software as an interface, and the application as a product.

That is why we have developed as a UX agency and software development company that has gone from a branding agency and an interactive agency to one of the best agencies for UX design, interface design, and dedicated application coding.

In summary, we are a product design company, and we create digital products as well as design brands, and our clients receive this service in-house.

That is why you will find many projects in our portfolio regarding visual identity, rebranding, and even naming.

Are You Interested In Branding?

Who should you choose? Branding agency or User Experience agency?

Nowadays, the branding and user experience markets are intertwined. Branding agencies compete with UX agencies. Branding services are even offered by software development companies.

Digital agencies also do not shy away from such projects. That raises the question of which agency to choose for designing a visual identity and sometimes even a brand.

It all depends on the project type and the task the company sets. If it is packaging (package design), then a packaging or branding agency would be the best choice.

Every branding agency starts its business with packaging. Usually, it is their core competency, in addition to logo design.

When it comes to designing a brand, that is, discovering the company's identity and its mission and emphasizing this in the identity system, then it is a process that not every company is familiar with.

Branding does not simply come down to a logo but rather to a carefully thought-out system of managing one's reputation, promotion, and business through the values, goals, and actions that a company undertakes.

The identity system, in this case, is an outcome, not a source. The identity system is one of the tools. Neither the software development company nor the digital agency will help in this task.

Just because these companies hire graphic designers does not mean they employ a brand designer, strategist, or researcher.

The choice should fall on the branding agency or our agency, which has studied this process, knows it and conducted it several times.

If the task involves creating or redesigning a digital product, the choice should fall on a user experience or product design agency.

Branding and visual identity are only a part of creating a digital business: an important part, but one of many. In a digital product, user experience and branding are connected.

In addition, for a digital product to be successful, knowledge from many other areas is essential in this process, such as:

  • business models,
  • industry and the legal framework in which a business operates,
  • availability in the market of digital solutions and their APIs,
  • cloud solutions and their capabilities,
  • traffic in digital channels for a given business niche,
  • consumer and user behavior,
  • lean management methods,
  • UX research,
  • knowledge of principles and experience in software development,
  • knowledge of principles and experience in interface development.

The Story possesses all this knowledge and constantly develops it. We know how to create digital products. In terms of a business project, even visual identity is better outsourced to a company that understands the whole process and what it entails.


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