Branding and Visual Identity

We will design the visual identity for your digital product.

We overtake a traditional branding agency with digital competence

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We offer everything you need to make users love your company.


Branding and Visual Identity. What We Offer

We will give your product a personality, a brand. We will distinguish it from the competition, define its advantages, design its visual identity and tone of voice.

Digital Branding Strategy

We will define a digital branding strategy for your company or product. We will base it on hard data. Based on traffic analysis we will design brand behavior. Using Value Proposition, we will formulate brand promise and its messaging.

Visual Identity

Every brand is unique. Our visual identity project will be the result of an analysis of the client's needs, their business strategy, and market segment analysis. We will design the media. We will describe the identity system in a brand manual.

Voice Identification

Interaction with a brand today is not only visual but also conversational. We will design a brand identity system for Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants: elements of conversation, the tone of the assistant's speech, and components of a skill added to the Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Brand Experience

We will design your Brand Experience using our expertise in User Experience design and Service Design. We will go a step further. We will create a system for a brand that is thought through at every touchpoint of customer interaction.


Rebranding of the Boston-based clinical research company KCR

KCR is a global company from the clinical research industry. In 2019, we undertook a company rebranding project for them.

UX Research Content Strategy Visual Identity

Life Science

Case study


Branding for Boston-based startup focused on patient comfort management

We have designed a new brand on the patient services market. Curandus is a Boston startup responsible for patient comfort in clinical trials.

UX Research Visual Identity Service Design

Life Science

Case study

Passenger Rights

Rebranding of a legal startup - operates on the flight compensation market. Our goal was to increase recognition and make the brand stand out. Legal service rebranding.

Product Design UX Design Visual Identity

Legal + Finance

Case study



Name, visual identification system and website for a company from the HR industry.

HR + marketing

Case study

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