Our task was to come up with a name and design a visual identity for a company that provides specialists to various industries: construction, industry, logistics and IT.


Visual identity and naming

The initial name "Star Express" did not reflect the company's activities and was hindering its growth. We decided that the new names should be short and preferably two-syllable. It was also important to consider the possibility of registering a domain with the .com extension as well as local domains.

Weegree Logo
Step no. 1

We Agree branding concept

The idea for the name We Agree and its final form Weegree allowed us to build not only a clear identification of the brand, but also a distinctive language. The company's slogan became: "Providing specialists - this is our specialty. We agree”.

Step no. 2

Many concepts for visual identity

We prepared several potential designs. The customer finally chose the proposal that was presented first.

Step no. 3
Step no. 4

Weegree website

We designed a new website for the Weegree company. Our main goal was to create a service architecture that would allow for the effective carrying out of SEO activities.


Project stack