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User Experience Design, that is, designing the experiences of a recipient, focuses on the user's overall experience of using a product. It doesn't only apply to interactive elements but also to how particular elements look, feel, and contribute to delivering specific results. This means that the better the user experience, the higher their engagement in a product is, which translates to higher profits.

Dymitr Romanowski

UX Designer, awarded with the iF Design Award for UX

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UX Design

UX Design. What We Offer

Are you looking for a way to increase customer satisfaction? We've become leaders in the UX industry and will endlessly support our customers in realizing their goals. Learn more about our UX Design service and schedule a meeting with us today.

UX Workshop

Workshops are an opportunity for you and designers to work together in a structured way. We'll work according to a template we developed, but there will still be room for creativity and collaboration. What can you gain? Expectations regarding the product are discovered much faster this way compared to the traditional method of collecting requirements. Additionally, our experts will help you clarify design assumptions in a more understandable way.

User Needs

Investing in increasing the satisfaction of the customer using a web application is a guarantee for gaining market position and high conversion. That's why user requirements are always at the center of a UX Designer's attention for the digital products we design. We will analyze user needs, present them as user stories, and select functions that should be included in the user interface.

User Flow

We are perfectly aware that user experience consists of such aspects as functionality and usability of the user interface. Therefore, we translate user needs into visual language and present them as user-flow diagrams. At this stage, we improve the application's usability so that users can realize their needs conveniently and quickly. We consider all aspects of usability, including error prevention and the speed with which the user can understand and learn the interface.


Using a wireframe, the UX Designer shows how the designed information architecture and layout match up. The model clearly indicates the highest priority content, places in the interface where users can find what they are looking for, and transitions between screens. Designing interactions in this way allows the user interface concept to be pre-tested and approved before UI Design work.

UI Design

We design interfaces that users love. We build them based on the components used throughout the product.

Design System

We create systems that improve design and design management in organizations. We work according to the Atomic Design approach. We divide the interface into organisms, atoms, and molecules. We use Design Tokens.

Clickable Prototype

We prepare a clickable prototype that allows you to see how the application will work, communicate requirements to the development team, and conduct user testing.

Usability Testing

We conduct tests of a prototype or an existing application. Tests allow us to diagnose faulty elements from the user's perspective, as well as functions that are unintuitive and inconvenient, illogical and difficult.

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UX Design involves designing user experience and answering the questions: How should a digital product work? Does the digital product meet user needs? Does it give the user value they want to pay for?
First of all, UX Design is a process and not a ready product. Every web application or mobile app is different. Each answers different user pain points and is addressed to the appropriate Persona (target group representative). That's why selling UX Design as an individual product is impossible. Our service is available in three cooperation models: Fixed Price, Scrum, and Team Extension.
Every application is unique. Therefore, each has its individual goals. The time of their achievement depends on the scope of work. There are tasks that we can complete in a matter of hours. And some tasks can take a few weeks.
It allows them to create a product that meets user needs and increases conversion.
A typical UX design process consists of business analysis, collecting user requirements and needs, creating user flow, and designing UI mockups. Additionally, it's worth enhancing the process with clickable prototypes or usability testing.

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