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Design is more than just a look. It’s a solution, a method of operation and a system that is continually improving

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UX Design + UI Design = Love

The best goal for your business is to ensure that your customers fall in love with your product.

Every one of us uses digital products almost every instant of the day. We press a button and have a taxi waiting for us in 5 minutes, or we press another button and a door opens. And as our phones become increasingly about management and payment and less about phone calls, it is becoming more difficult to surprise users or even meet their expectations. And it is growing ever harder to surpass the competition. The race is now on in UX and UI design.

UX and UI Design is a set of design activities and methods focused on the hidden and explicit needs of users, which builds on their experience when they use a digital product.

Make the customer fall in love with your product.

Improve your product

UX Design portfolio

UX Design

UX Design for a Medical Company Website

Designing a corporate website means communicating the company's offer to the appropriate person (clients, business partners, future employees). Each of these people has their own motivation and experience as they use the website. When designing a website for KCR S.A. we analyzed every aspect in detail.

UX Design

Service Design and UX in Clinical Trials

#HumanBehindEveryNumber is a Service Design project carried out on behalf of the CRO. His goal was to learn about the experiences of patients participating in clinical trials and to look at clinical trials as a service that can be improved.

UX Design

Examining cancer patient routines

We conducted an analysis of the routines of cancer patients. Through a series of in-depth interviews, workshops and application prototype tests, we were able to gain the knowledge needed to design a better digital product.

  • iF Design Award for UX and Service Design
  • Awwwards 5 awards for interfaces and programming implementation
  • Is our standard for interface work
  • Business analysis Gathering requirements is a key element of our process