Design Sprint

In just a few days we will guide you through the process of creating a product prototype.

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Advantages of Design Sprint

In only 5 days or less, you will be able to define a market need, design a product or service prototype and test it on the market. On the client-side, Design Sprint requires the participation of the project’s main stakeholders as well as the decision-maker. How can this happen so fast?

  • an effective meeting methodology
  • a professional facilitator to moderate group work 
  • the commitment and positive attitude of the participants

A better product

A better product

A new perspective on your business project.
One vision within the team

One vision within the team

A team with one coherent vision and a single plan of action.
Rapid decision-making

Rapid decision-making

A shortened decision-making process.

Design Sprint is offered as an independent consultancy service

Projects implemented using Design Sprint

  • 2 professional facilitators
  • 30+ product sprints carried out
  • 8 industries an expertise in the processes that will improve the product
  • 10 years experience in creating digital products