Design Sprint

We will guide you through the process of creating a product prototype in a few days.

Key benefits of Design Sprint

Design Sprint takes only five days or less. It allows you to define a market need, design a product or service prototype and test it on the market. On the client side, a Design Sprint requires the participation of the main stakeholders and the decision-maker.

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design sprint warszawa
Product Design Sprint for a MedTech Startup, Warsaw

Design Sprint. What We Offer

As a result, the client gains detailed assumptions for the new product or service, which it is able to verify at an early stage of business development. All of this allows you to make the most of your financial and time resources.

design sprint - creating a product concept

Three-Day Design Sprint

In three days we will guide you through the process of creating a product concept. We will define a market need, we will identify Personas, we will design a Value Proposition. Our work will result in defining the vision and scope of the digital product being created.
design sprint - user testing

Design Sprint and User Testing

We will present the Design Sprint result in the form of a clickable prototype and conduct user testing. Everything to increase the chances of your product's success or to modify your idea at an early stage, before you incur costs.
design sprint - clickable prototype

Design Sprint and Clickable Prototype

We will present the Design Sprint result in the form of a clickable prototype to test the idea internally or with users. The decision is yours.

Aflofarm Pharmaceutical Company

Examedin app User Interface

For Aflofarm (Pharma), we designed the interface of the Examedin medical application. The scope of our work included UX Design and UI Design for stand-alone software.

Business Analysis UX Design UI Design

Life Science

Case study


Chatbot in B2B sales for Curandus

Chatbot based on Amazon Lex. Chatbot talks to potential clients, doctors and patients.

UX Design Python Machine Learning AWS

Life Science

Case study

Passenger Rights

Rebranding of a legal startup - operates on the flight compensation market. Our goal was to increase recognition and make the brand stand out. Legal service rebranding.

Product Design UX Design Visual Identity

Legal + Finance

Case study

Startup service for local governments in SaaS

UX / UI Design which draws the user in and helps them understand difficult financial documents - a city budget resolution. is a service for local governments offered as SaaS.

UX Design Product Design Python AWS

Public services

Case study

Warsaw Tourist Office

UX in Warsaw: A survey of tourists' experience

A set of solutions designed to improve the experience of foreign tourists visiting Warsaw.

UX Research Usability Testing In-Depth Interviews

Tourism + Places

Case study


For whom is Design Sprint?

Team Leader
Business Owner

Design Sprint. Why us?

The results of our projects produce tangible results for our clients.
We create products for various markets: Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, and Poland.
We create products for many market segments. Ask us about industries.


Over the past four years, we have received numerous honors and awards - Awwwards, PGDA, iF. We remain the only Polish company awarded the iF Design Award for Service Design and UX. We are a member of Red Dot Network, Polish STGU, IT working groups in industry associations.

Our awards
awards for The Story UX agency

What can our company do to better serve your needs?

We are a full-service UX agency and software company. We design and develop. We provide a full production cycle and guarantee support and product development in accordance with the client's requirements.


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