WordPress Development

The popular CMS for websites and online stores in a new version.

We offer development based on WordPress. Unique design. For demanding clients, we offer Headless architecture. We achieve outstanding results by combining WordPress with React, Next.js and Typescript.

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS. This system is written in PHP and uses the MySQL database. We offer the complete scope of WordPress development. Our team of developers can significantly modify WordPress and write plug-ins. With Headless architecture, we achieve better WordPress security in line with corporate standards. What is headless CMS? A website architecture that assumes the separation of the front-end layer from the CMS. Thanks to this architecture, WordPress, as a content management system, communicates through an API and becomes a standalone microservice and data source.

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CMS to suit your needs

Creating websites from scratch and optimizing existing ones. With WordPress, you can create blogs, online stores, e-learning platforms, and, most importantly, professional websites for companies.

WordPress Development and its Advantages

The intuitive and popular content management system is a backbone for many companies conducting content marketing. Our experience with WordPress Development will significantly reduce implementation time and create a uniform experience.

  • Customizable to suit your needs
  • Integration with Woocommerce
  • Integration with custom UI/UX Design
  • Huge community of WordPress developers
  • Modern front-end stack
  • Numerous plug-ins supporting SEO and content marketing

WordPress Website Development

We will create a tailor-made website or corporate portal based on WordPress.

  • Unique design
  • Front-end development
  • WordPress implementation
  • Development with plugins
  • Hosting in the cloud
  • Performance
  • Maintenance and development

Migration to Headless Technology

We will design a headless architecture for a website or E-Commerce platform and then implement it using WordPress.

  • Headless technology consulting
  • Audit of existing website
  • Refactoring of programming code
  • WordPress development

Proprietary instead of Open-Source

WordPress works like any other framework. We will transfer the programming code of the website made in WordPress. We will install and publish the website on the client's hosting. WordPress offers the GNU General Public License, which is an open-source license.

Data Security

We will select appropriate architecture and use technologies and solutions that increase the security of your website. We manage SSL, take on the subcontracting of personal data, and handle information security at the level of the implemented WordPress platform.

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