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UI Design

UI Design. What We Offer

We design user interfaces - graphic and voice-based. For web and mobile applications. For Alexa and Google Assistant. For chatbots. We create the concept and style of the interface, the Design System of a digital product.

UI Design of a Web Application

We design for React.js. We will design the interface of a web application using Material Design or by creating our own framework. We have experience in Backbone, Bootstrap, Bulma, Google AMP, Lottie, WCAG, and, of course, HTML and CSS.

UI Design of a Mobile Application

We will design a mobile application interface based on the Human Interface Guidelines (iOS) or Material Design guidelines. We have experience in implementing projects based on WCAG requirements.

Design System

We create systems that improve design and design management in organizations. We work according to the Atomic Design approach. We divide the interface into organisms, atoms, and molecules. We use Design Tokens.

Voice Interface

We will design the voice interface of the application supporting the user, processes, and IoT management running on Alexa and Google Assistant environments. We will apply design patterns with machine learning in mind.

Chatbot Interface

We will design a chatbot interface based on Amazon Lex, Messenger, or Telegram. We will apply design patterns taking machine learning into account.

Branding and Visual Identity

We will give your product a personality - a brand. We will distinguish it from the competition, define its advantages, and design its visual identity and tone of voice.

Are you ready for a product that customers will love?

Whether you want to create a new product or improve an existing one, we will respond to your needs!


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