Web Development - Boston - car

Web Development - Boston

We will tell you how web development in Boston looks like on the example of a car.

Web Development - Boston - car A
I want to create a website from scratch
Web Development - Boston - car B
I want to develop an existing website

Website visibility and customer acquisition are important goals that a professional website should fulfil. The web design service takes business to a new level - often the "to be or not to be" on the market depends on it.

Creating websites for business is an important step in business development. Why should you choose our company?

We will increase conversion and customer acquisition.
We apply best practices for SEO: Core Web Vitals, Google AMP, WCAG.
We design based on UX research from the world's best consultancies.
We use the cloud. Cloud Development is included in the price of the service.
Our services respond to users' needs.
We provide technical support, development and post-publication monitoring of the website.

Our works have beed recognized by awards

How do we do web development for clients in Boston?

Collection of customer requirements. Analysis of market segment and competition, development of positioning guidelines.
Development of a visual concept for the website based on UX guidelines and business requirements.
Design and coding of individual website screens with attention to detail.
We configure AWS or Google Cloud servers and services.
Connection to external systems, testing, content migration, optimisation.

Why you should invest in a good website. How much does a website cost?

Before we create a website, we ask ourselves a question - should we opt for a website creator or a web development company in Boston that creates dedicated solutions for business? If you want to beat your competitors - the choice is obvious. Website builders offer the same functionalities and capabilities, which does not allow you to stand out in a competitive market. Our goal is to increase your capabilities - improving UX, using the best technology, improving website visibility. Together we will beat your competitors!

Optimised customer path
The primary purpose of a business website is to attract customer enquiries. To achieve this it is not enough to have a simple website created in a free website builder. You need to have a website optimised for SEO with a designed user path from A to Z, as well as to know the Value - arguments that are designed to convince the customer to leave an enquiry.
Attractive UX Design
Website design plays a very important role in creating a positive first impression of a company. By the way, it also builds trust and encourages conversion. Whether customers use our services or buy our products depends on UX Design.
Fast front-end interface
The frontend of a website should not only comply with the graphic design, but also be properly optimised. Websites designed by us are compliant with the latest Core Web Vitals guidelines - a Google standard. It requires high speed of operation and speed of code loading by the browser. This allows websites to be more visible in Google.
AWS Cloud Services Capacity
We enhance website performance by leveraging the AWS cloud. Thanks to Amazon Web Services, our clients' websites run flawlessly, are secure and stable. How much does such a service cost? With us you can use it for as little as $25 + VAT / month.
Latest technology
When designing websites we use the best solutions and the most modern technology and the best frameworks.
Hiring a web development company for a fixed price

Our customers' feedback

The Story designed a new information website for us with attention to every detail. That is why I entrusted them with web development work. Soon our readers will be able to see the service.
Paweł Pańczyk
Fischer Trading Group Sp. z o.o.

The Story is the top ranked Clutch in Poland for 2019, 2020, ranking is based purely on customer reviews.

Work with the leader in design and web development services

Create a real car ready to race for customers online

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What is the process of working with us like?

We will choose the right working path when creating your website depending on your individual needs:

I know how my service should work
I need specialists to design a website together

Work with a transparent IT web development company

You will own your website, not Web Development Company

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Web service in Python for KCR S.A.

Using Python technology, we developed a website for a Boston-based corporation operating in the clinical trials industry worldwide.

We are more than an interactive agency. Web development company - creating web and mobile applications

When doing web development, we use the latest technology and solutions taken from advanced web and mobile applications. Why? It simply pays off to give more to our clients than to change the whole production process.

Google Cloud
Comarch ERP Optima
Polish API
Our Tech Stack