Our clients

Thanks to them, we are better, thanks to us, they have become better

We have completed over 270 projects since 2009. Successfully. We are liked. We continue.


The long-term relationship has resulted in ambitious projects, including HBEN, rebranding, design of services, corporate websites, support in B2B marketing, and sales on the US market.


We took a part in creating a new company on the pharmaceutical market in Boston from scratch - cooperation in creating a business model, branding, service design, chatbot, website.


We are responsible for the design of the Examedin interface, the blood glucose monitoring application.

DHL Parcel

We have been selected for ongoing UX consulting. We design DHL's applications interfaces.

National Institute for Museums and Public Collections

NIMOZ is our first client. We have created 7 websites for the institute, including nimoz.pl, muzealnictwo.com, and mapamuzeow.com.

PwC Poland

6 years of cooperation with PwC have resulted in several ambitious projects, including the ZieloneAukcje.pl application, a renewable energy sales simulator, an interactive Economicscorecard.eu report (in the archive) for the Economic Forum in Krynica, the creation of many landing pages selling PwC services and the production of content for B2B sales.

The city of Lodz

Together with the city of Łódź we ran a two-day WCF Davos - Łódź conference on Human-Centered Design. We organized the conference and invited speakers from IDEO, Apple, NATO, ABBYY, Abbott, UBER, Wirtualna Polska.

City of Warsaw

For Warsaw, we conducted the first-ever UX study of foreign tourists visiting the TOP10 city sights (UX Warsaw #1), as well as a UX study of promotional materials (UX Warsaw #2).

Marc Lauge

A Danish women's clothing brand chose us for the web development of its B2B e-commerce platform.

Exalo Drilling

We received their order three weeks before the premiere press conference and made the first and then the second version of the website of the drilling company PGNiG Group.


Cooperation with the Polish branch resulted in the creation of animations, a website, and internal presentations.

Sygma Bank

Sygma Bank offered consumer credit services. Transformation was required not only of the bank's logo but also of the entire company's communication. Within BNA we were responsible for digital branding consultancy, website design, and brand launch through digital channels.

BRE Bank

In 2009. BRE Bank changed its brand idea to "People make us stand out". As part of the rebranding and the growing popularity of internet banking, BRE decided to go for digital branding, for which our agency was responsible as part of the BNA branding agency structure.


Product design together with the client's team, visual identity, UX / UI Design, as well as a specification (SRS), and designing the application architecture in microservices. This is how a new subscription service (SaaS) was created on the Polish market based on PSD2, PolishAPI, as well as a number of other digital services.

KCR Placement

We were present at the birth of a new service in the HR industry, and then a separate brand. We have streamlined the online candidate acquisition and recruitment process.


We were responsible for creating the company's new SEO strategy - the clinical research center conducting phase 1 clinical trials.

TRE Product

For the Polish brand of furniture and accessories from the premium segment, we have designed and implemented a new image website.

Lemon Fashion

We took over the position of IT manager. We led the project of creating new e-commerce for a children's clothing brand belonging to the Cocodrillo group, we took part in the negotiation process with IT and logistics providers.


Over 8 years of working on this startup have turned him into a leader in the public finance services market. More than 130 cities and municipalities use Budget Analysis and Presentation service as a subscription.

DLK Legal

We conducted a product design workshop for a law firm specializing in fintech.

Maruta Wachta

For a law firm, we have created landing pages for the sale of license audits, the Rodo-Środa project, as well as the UX/UI design of the Maruta.edu website.

Passenger Rights

The legaltech startup has been working with The Story since its inception. Together, we created a new service on the airline compensation market, Opoznionysamolot.pl (currently Delayfix), developed customer service processes, and automated and improved procedures using the Workflow system.

Lesnodorski, Slusarek i Wspolnicy

For the LSW law firm, we have created a company website and a system for running thematic blogs, the most famous of which is the LSW IP Blog.


Three years of cooperation with the engineering company from Moscow made it the market leader in construction engineering in Russia. We promoted the brand, carried out rebranding, made the Augmented Reality mobile application, an application for managing the work of engineers - the Workflow system, we supported marketing and B2B sales.


For a startup from Finland, we have created a visual identity and a website. Our cooperation has developed into new areas - support in the organization of medical events and preparation of materials for clinical trials.


For an HR company from Opole, Poland, we created the Weegree brand (naming and visual identity), followed by two subsequent versions of the website.

Ginza Systems

For Estonian startup Ginza, we created an application for analyzing consumer behavior in stationary shops based on algorithms analyzing images from video cameras.

Strefa kursow

We were responsible for creating the first mockups of the most popular educational platform in Poland.


We revived the i-sklep.pl brand with the znajdzróżnice.pl campaign, and in 2010 we designed the current brand of i-systems, an IT company from Gliwice.

Limited Edition

For Iwona Staroszczyk's startup - the first online art gallery in Poland - we designed a visual identity and created an online shop based on Magento.


Since 2014 we have been working for Szymon Dobrzyński, manager of sports stars - Zbigniew Boniek, Jerzy Dudek, Maja Włoszczowska.


We were involved in the idea of Smart City and AMS's activities for the promotion of cities. We created the project website amsdlamiast.pl.

The sprints are adjusted to our needs. The rhythm and work progress also suit us very well.

Bartosz Szczesniak
Retail Sales & Digital Solutions Manager

DHL Parcel Poland

We decided on the Fixed Price cooperation model. We started working with The Story with only the logo and a general view of the brand. We finished the project with a product website, and a consistent, convincing brand concept.

Marketing Director


We hired The Story to design the software architecture and develop an SRS (Product Requirements Specification) commissioned by the Fintech startup.

Zuzanna Kot
Business Development Manager