Examedin app User Interface

We have designed the interface of the Examedin medical app for the pharmaceutical company Aflofarm. The scope of our work included UX Design and UI Design for stand-alone software.

Examedin logo

What is Examedin

The app connects to a medical device (glucometer) and is used to monitor and analyse blood glucose levels. It is designed for therapeutic decision-making in the treatment of diabetes.


Wireframes per use cases

Our task as designers is to solve the use cases on the screens appropriately. According to the defined data scope, user flow and user needs, standards and design patterns.


Wireframe vs. UI mockup

The application interface was designed according to the Atomic Design approach and the whole process was accompanied by the creation of a component library.

Brand colors

Primary variant 1
Primary variant 2
Primary variant 1
Primary variant 2
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Product Value

The doctor obtains comprehensive information about his patient. We proposed to the client to introduce a quantitative analysis - how often the patient has hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia.



component component component
component component
component component component component

Illustrations and prototype

We proposed a style of illustrations and prepared a set of them for the Examedin product. All the work was presented in the form of a clickable prototype.


Project stack

Date of publication:
19 Feb 2021
Done in 28 days
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