Rebranding of a legal startup -

Can a legal service have feelings?

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New view on compensation

Hand in hand with the business owners we created a new service in the market, developed customer service processes, automated and improved procedures. The company launched its service with an immediate MVP to the market and the subsequent service development process was conducted and tested 'live'. Within a year the company had recovered its first million for passengers and decided to move to the next stage of its development - to create a recognisable brand in the airline compensation market. We undertook a rebranding of the brand.

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Legal service is about trust, but emotions should not be forgotten

Any legal service is based on the client's emotions, including their fears. Obtaining airline compensation is an emergency need, arising from the situation, and the decision to use the service is made under the influence of negative emotions. At the time of the incident, emotions run high and the passenger's motivation is at its highest.

This made us aware of two things. Firstly, we should be as accessible as possible to the customer, and secondly, rather than being another law firm, we should show empathy to the customer from the outset - from the very first "hello" - and support them right through to the end.

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Typography 1
Typography 2

Brand colors

RGB: 255 / 236 / 53
HEX: #FFF272
RGB: 255 / 242 / 114
RGB: 255 / 242 / 154
RGB: 255 / 251 / 215
Dark grey
HEX: #4A545B
RGB: 74 / 84 / 91
HEX: #80878C
RGB: 126 / 134 / 137
RGB: 178 / 182 / 183
RGB: 222 / 223 / 225
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Website design

We have been developed the concept of a new website, which we consequently developed with a web application for handling reports of injured passengers.

Website design - image


Working purely on commission, has recovered more than 7.6 mln PLN for its customers, who have never incurred either risk or cost. It currently has a presence throughout Poland and plans to expand into other markets with its new identity.

Business cards

To summarise the work on identity, we have done:

  • analizę kontekstu
  • insight'y konsumencie
  • pozycjonowanie marki
  • identyfikację wizualną marki
  • język wizualny i werbalny marki
  • ux design i web design
  • formularze zapytań
  • copywriting
  • nośniki dla social media
  • nośniki dla pracy biurowej
Flying aeroplane
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Project stack

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