Rebranding of a legal startup -

Can a legal service have feelings?

A new look at compensation deals with compensation for passengers whose flights have been canceled or delayed. The brand owner, Passenger Rights, has worked with The Story since its inception. Together with the owners of the company, we created a new service on the market, developed customer service processes,and automated and improved procedures. The company began by immediately by launching an MVP to the market, and further work on the service was conducted and tested "live". During the year, the company recovered its first million zlotys for passengers and decided to move on to the next stage of its development - to create a recognizable brand on the aviation compensation market.

man sleeping in the airport with a suitcase and a teddy bear - rebranding for a legal service

While working on, we knew that while the need for aviation compensation is large, few people know when they deserve compensation for a delayed flight. That is why, since the very beginning, the company - along with its competition - undertook the mission of educating passengers and making them aware of their rights. This is also why creating a specific visual and verbal language was an important element of the design.

A legal service is about trust, but you can't forget about emotions

Each legal service has its foundation in a client's emotions, particularly negative ones. Obtaining air compensation is an urgent need that arises from a specific and unexpected situation, and the decision to use this service is made under the influence of negative emotions. At the time of the event, emotions are running high, and the passenger's motivation is strong.

This made us aware of two things. First of all, we should be maximally available to the client, and secondly, instead of being another law firm, we should show the client empathy from the very beginning - from the very first greeting - and support him to the very end.

man with a suitcase looking at a departing plane
Legal service rebranding -

What does it mean to be with the customer ... online? A new look at compensation

The symbol, which we created, combines the feeling of "waiting" and "being late". That is why we used a website loading symbol, a plane and a clock face on which the hour hand has already crossed midnight or noon. The colors in the visual identification are associated with a color palette familiar to airline passengers.

animation about waiting for delayed flight
The symbol of - a part of rebranding and creating brand communication

From the point of view of the passengers who receive between EUR 250 and 600 compensation without a policy or contract, and only on the basis of applicable law, the brand is like a Santa Claus who brings them an unexpected gift and joy.

animation explains the service of flight delay compensation
Creating the visual identity of the brand

We covered everything:

  • context analysis
  • consumer insights
  • brand positioning
  • corporate identity
  • visual and verbal language of the brand
  • ux / ui and web design
  • inquiry forms
  • copywriting
  • products for social media
  • nproducts for office work
smiling tourist in the forest and view of the delayed flight application on a phone - rebranding in the law industry rebranding - effects for the customer, working only for commission, has recovered over PLN 7.6 million for its clients, who have never incurred either risk or costs. Currently, it is present in Poland, and, thanks to its new visual identity, plans to expand into other markets.

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