Branding and a new website for an event startup

Identity and the website

Assumptions and a branding project concept

Evenio is a company that organizes internal meetings, workshops, and conferences for companies from the pharmaceutical industry. The company comes from Finland, but the geography of operations and experiences cover countries from around the world.

the evenio logo consists of rays that connect meeting places in different cities on the world map

the rays in the evenio logo move depending on the location of the meeting on the world map

You never know where you will need to organize your next event. finger drawn ray with the evenio logo

Introduction of the symbol and media

The company sign is alive and adaptable. It says, "We can do it anywhere."logo for the evenio company showing colorful rays radiating in different directions

evenio sign showing rays radiating in different directions

evenio business card based on the concept of rays
And the business card looks like this
visualization of the clock based on the idea for the evenio logo showing rays radiating in different directions

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