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What people say and what they do are two different things (Jacob Nielsen)

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UX research will not allow guesses

Everyone wants to have a website with the best conversion. Everyone wants to have a simple website navigation. But not everyone wants to use UX testing for this purpose. And this is good news.

If your competition is based on its own opinions and neglects UX research, take advantage of it and increase the revenues of your online business. User-oriented design without a user is like a business without income, or like a holiday without Kevin at home alone.

Thanks to research you can go deeper and get to know your clients' needs, improve your business model, improve value proposition, and you can draw quick conclusions and work on quickwins. We know this thanks to research. We also need them, just like any business.

Why should you choose us? Because we combine experience in design with experience in research. We are comprehensive designers based on data, not guesses.


Redesign and conversion increase

Redesign and conversion increase

For redesign, in order to increase conversions, we will conduct a UX audit, analyze recordings from user sessions, perform usability tests, check statistics.
Business model improvement

Business model improvement

In order to learn more about the needs of your clients and refine the product value proposition, we will conduct individual interviews with clients, examine trends, and conduct ethnographic research.
Development of a new product

Development of a new product

To check whether the need that the product has to meet and what the scale is, we will examine the client's routine, analyze the data, conduct in-depth interviews with experts and clients, perform and test MVP.

UX + Design research?

UX Research Portfolio

UX research

UX research in 6 countries for a medical company

To provide the client the knowledge and to develop unique value propositions for clinical trial services, we examined the patient's path. We conducted 3 workshops and over 30+ interviews with patients and doctors in 6 countries (Poland, Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Bulgaria, USA). The project received the iF Design Award.

UX research

Patient diary utility tests

Based on usability tests, we have prepared over 80 recommendations on how to improve the design of a patient's diary. As a result, we designed the appropriate tool that was introduced into the phase 3 clinical trial of the new drug. The patient diary will be used by over 10,000 patients from 8 countries.

UX research

Research on tourist materials of Warsaw

We took a closer look at promotional materials that Warsaw distributed among tourist information points: brochures, maps, guidebooks, gadgets - everything that should theoretically help tourists in their explorations. We conducted material benchmarking of 10 European cities, in-depth interviewed the officials, employees of tourist information points and tourists.

  • iF Design Award for UX and Service Design
  • 100+ in-depth interviews conducted
  • 15+ UX audits performed
  • 6+ countries in which we conducted our research