iOS app design for Coral Travel

The application assists a tourist during his trip with Coral Travel. It supports the processes of tourist services sales and customer support. The project was designed by us in response to the needs of all branches of the company - in Poland, Turkey, Ukraine.

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New visual design of the application

After analysis of the digital products offered to tourists on the market, we have come to a visual style that allows Coral Travel to stand out among competitors and build a brand based on the existing visual identity, including logo and colors.

New visual design of the application - image 1
New visual design of the application - image 2 New visual design of the application - image 3 New visual design of the application - image 4


The product card, navigation, tickets, vouchers, filters, buttons, icons, and all other repetitive UI elements have been thought out and divided into organisms, molecules, and atoms.

Components - image

Usability optimization

The application interface smoothly supports over 80 User Stories, which reflect the customer service of the entire Coral Travel concern and meet the needs of users who travel with the tour operator.

Usability optimization - image 1

Multiple vacation management

The Coral Travel user travels with the tour operator more than once. The application dashboard allows the user to switch between their vacation. Sometimes, when going to a new destination, we book more than one hotel.

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Multiple vacation management - image 3
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All tickets. Just one click.

When we go on a family vacation, we have a lot on our minds - children, luggage, dates, times, seats. We have sorted out what we have under control. Now all dates, times, and tickets to multiple destinations are at hand - flights, transfers, accommodation, local tours. Each adult may have access to all family tickets.

Buying local tours

We live with our family in a beautiful hotel, but sometimes we want to take a break from the beach. Spend time actively, taste different food, discover new places. This requires some consideration, which will be facilitated by the “Add to Favorites” function. Prepare yourself with a detailed tour description and, of course, the option to make a purchase. We can always add another person to our trip. Even if it will require passport details and a visa.

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Project stack



Date of publication:
19 Mar 2021
Done in 25 days
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