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Maruta Wachta is a Polish law firm specializing in IT projects. In addition to winning cases and legal advice, Maruta Wachta's lawyers are known for their training activities.

Online store selling knowledge

Our goal was to design a website that would sell the law firm's training offer. Clearly according to the needs, with the possibility of making a purchase. In a word, an online store where you can buy a good deal of legal knowledge in the field of IT projects.

Designing UX of a training offer

Two groups of clients benefit from the training offer - lawyers and IT specialists. Each of them has its own subgroups. For example, the "Lawyers" group consists of clients, competitors, law students. Each type of user has its own goals, and enabling them to be implemented is our primary task. However, we need to reconcile two worlds - the needs of users and the business needs of our client.
Designing UX of a training offer - image

Offer vs. customer needs

We analyze the offer. We take the list of the clients' trainings and filter it from the point of view of the user’s needs.

Trainings are divided into categories:

  • Offer vs. customer needs - image 1
  • Offer vs. customer needs - image 2
  • Offer vs. customer needs - image 3
  • Offer vs. customer needs - image 4

Translation into the interface:

  • Offer vs. customer needs - image 5
  • Offer vs. customer needs - image 6
  • Offer vs. customer needs - image 7
  • Offer vs. customer needs - image 8

User stories

We select four basic user stories for customers who visit the training store: the basic scenario "I want to buy", the alternative scenario "I am looking for a specific training", "I came by accident" and "I am looking at the offer, but I am not looking for anything specific". We write down each user story into user flows and determine what the content of the website and its map should be.

User stories - image 1 User stories - image 2
  • I am buying
  • I am looking for
  • I'm just exploring
  • I accidentally came
User flow in the website

Working on the idea

"Law school unlike any other" allows us to distinguish the law firm's offer from others. There are a number of negative associations about legal training that result from the specifics of this profession and teaching method. We want to highlight a new approach and a different way of conducting classes.

Working on the idea - image

Designing User Experience

We transfer the experience of training participants into the online world.

Mobile first UI

The search for training often takes place on the way to work or home. Sometimes during a meal, boring lecture or meeting. We are sure that the share of mobile users will be significant. At the same time, we cannot imagine designing differently than starting from a smartphone (mobile-first).

Mobile first UI - image 1
  • Mobile first UI - image 2
  • Mobile first UI - image 3
  • Mobile first UI - image 4
  • Mobile first UI - image 5

Project stack

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