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Intro, a Munich-based startup, contacted us to create a platform that has to change the HR market in the German IT industry. The scope of our work included product design adjustment, branding, UX / UI Design, Web Development, and AWS DevOps.

Workshops and Product Design

During the 'Requirements Analysis and Prioritisation' workshop, the client came to the conclusion that Matchical needed a new visual identity.

The idea of the new visual identity was based on the main value of the product - finding IT experts who exactly match the project and recruitment needs. That is why we referred to the radar chart in the new brand logo. It is this type of chart that allows you to assess the degree of fit, and compare one candidate to another.

Motion in branding

A new sign is strong enough to be alive and change depending on the state. The Matchical logo can express the states of the system - speech, search, and result. It refers to the most advanced and technological solutions at present - machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science.

successful result


To make the interface engaging, we used illustrations. Thanks to their simplicity, they do not distract from the main use cases of the interface. Illustrations used in the right context, significantly improve the User Experience.

Defining of the colors

If a product uses a photo, how to brand it?

We have developed the visual identity system with the special use of photos. Thanks to that they reflect the character of the brand and make its image consistent.

Roles management

Our work on the UX and UI of the platform was based on a thorough business analysis performed by the startup owners. We have designed individual system modules based on diagrams, user flow, and interface benchmarking. The Role Management module was one of them. The possibility of creating complex authorization structures was to be managed via a simple interface.

Components library

We have created a UI Kit that fully meets the needs of the platform. The UI Kit contains over 600 unique components and their variants.

We used the latest Figma functions as well as Design Tokens. Thanks to this, the Product Owner is able to make various decisions regarding design at various stages of the project implementation.

Design tokens

We used design tokens that allow us to quickly adapt the design to unforeseen changes in the next stages of the project.

Design tokens


In the design of the platform, we proposed to use of a combination of two typefaces - Steradian + Commissioner.

Registration on the platform

We have created a clear registration process that allows the user to learn more about the opportunities and the values offered by

Project stack

Date of publication:
12 Aug 2022
Done in 60 days
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