KCR: Date Forecaster v 1.0

An application for planning visits to the doctor

A mobile application

We analyzed the problem and suggested using a network that would allow users to directly reach those interested in areas related to KCR's business. App Store is such a network. We also determined in which areas mobile applications in the "Medical" category have not yet been developed. Together with KCR, we looked at tools used in their specialized field, i.e. clinical trials. One of them is a special cardboard circle that allows study participants to calculate the date of their next visit.

date selection view in the mobile application, datepicker

We decided to replace the cardboard circle with a mobile application. view of the KCR Date Forecaster mobile application

The application will not only calculate the date, but also record it and remind patients about their next visit. calendar view of the KCR Date Forecaster mobile application

The user can also add the first and last name of the attending physician, information about the examination and contraindications, or any other information.view of the KCR Date Forecaster mobile application settings

When using the application, the user must simply enter the number of days, weeks or months. When calculating the date of the visit, the tool takes into account holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Users can also choose among 38 countries to take into account national holiday schedules.

At KCR, we understand the difficulties faced by a patient who is seriously ill and undergoing treatment. Taking part in a clinical trial includes, among others, organizing the dates of many visits, tests and procedures. We believe that Date Forecaster will be a significant help for those patients who must carefully manage their calendars - Mike Jagielski, CEO of KCR

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