We are looking for answers on how to attract more customers. How to generate leads and optimize conversions. That is why we test design and technology. The results of our work and analyses are used by Polish and foreign companies.

We have conducted:

100+ in-depth interviews

50+ UX audits of websites for b2b clients

20+ UX audits of subscription services (SaaS)

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Website for B2B customers

Explore detailed case studies and UX guidelines.

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400+ guidelines on how to design websites

50+ best websites for b2b customers

Patient journey

We study patient and doctor behavior.

Find out the results of UX research

6+ countries

7+ therapeutic areas

18+ disease entities

What we know about public finances

Survey on a representative sample in cooperation with Kantar.

Find out the results of UX research

Jan 2020 survey date

CAWI research method

We will present further UX research results shortly:

  • UX of subscription services (SaaS)