Coronavirus drug website

There is a race against time. The search for a Covid-19 coronavirus drug is underway around the world. We decided to propose a concept to KCR on how to monitor and forward data on the progress of clinical trials.

The race against Covid-19

How soon will we have a coronavirus drug?

We have been analyzed the research of hundreds companies to show when and how.

Data driven design

The project was inspired by media articles - often incomplete and often inaccurate. We asked ourselves: Are we able to, together with KCR, provide reliable knowledge about the progress of medicine? To begin with, we figured out what data range is currently available on the web.


We have collected a lot of data. In March 2020, 113 drug research studies were already carried out worldwide. However, the range of data for each study varied. Access to a lot of information is limited. For example, about the results of the study phases or the numbers of patients involved in the study. We had to choose the data that could be obtained in most cases.

  • Drug name
  • Stage of Clinical Trial
  • Results of the stage
  • Country
  • Number of patients
  • Status date
  • Company name
  • Side effects
  • Expected results
  • Date of expected results
  • Technology
  • Strategy

Three strategies

By analyzing the problems that researchers decided to solve, we identified three main directions in the fight against the virus - creating a drug for the direct fight against the disease, creating a vaccine, and creating drugs that will help the fight, e.g. make the patient's blood more oxygenated. We thought it was so important that we should talk about it on the page "The race against Covid-19".

A reliable source of knowledge about researchers' progress

The user is able to find out which drugs, depending on the chosen treatment strategy, are closest to being finished.

A reliable source of knowledge about researchers' progress - image 1
A reliable source of knowledge about researchers' progress - image 2
A reliable source of knowledge about researchers' progress - image 3
Coronavirus drug website - image

Work on a cure for the Covid-19 coronavirus is still ongoing. We cheer everyone who takes part in this race and hope that the winner will be revealed to the world as soon as possible.

Project stack

Date of publication:
28 Apr 2020
Done in 29 days
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Technical description


The biggest challenge was the time when the project was to be launched. Within two weeks we had to create not only a beautiful and stable application interface but also enter all data and enable content managers an efficient and simple way of data management. Another task was to adapt the solution to the business realities of the industry, which operates in outdated versions of web browsers.


Thanks to the use of React, we have achieved high stability of the entire interface, which is not only highly dynamic, but contains interactive Lottie animations. React ensured responsiveness, stability and quick implementation of the entire solution.


The project contained a large amount of data that changes over time and requires constant updating. An important factor was the creation of a convenient interface for data management by content managers. We used Django, which allows you to create useful and efficient management interfaces with any data structure.


Python (Django), PostgreSQL, React, Lottie & HTML5/CSS3.