Web app to search treatments in public health care

Based on the data of the National Health Fund, we have developed an application that allows you to intuitively search for the nearest available dates of treatment in public health care.

Booking NFZ doctors online
GP appointments logo

NFZ queues

With the advent of the coronavirus, queues to see doctors have become an even greater problem for all Poles. We decided to improve the process of finding free dates and making appointments with doctors.

Application web design

You can find government search engines based on the same data on the market, but none of them is distinguished by empathy towards the user. Terminyleczenia.pl is also distinguished by great convenience in mobile search.

Application web design - image

Data-driven design

The application design results directly from the scope of data provided by the NFZ API. We have improved user flow, enhanced visibility and information display. We could not change everything. Unfortunately, the names of benefits and the way data is displayed is imposed by the NFZ API.

Data-driven design - image 1
Data-driven design - image 2
Data-driven design - image 3
Data-driven design - image 4
Data-driven design - image 5
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Responsive Web Design

The web application was written in React. It perfectly adapts to any device screen. It allows us to quickly transfer the project to React Native and release Terminyleczenia.pl as a mobile application in the App Store and Google Play.

Responsive Web Design - image

Design System

The project was designed with the front-end React technology in mind. We document and build an Application System on an ongoing basis.
Design System - image

Project stack

Date of publication:
7 May 2020
Done in 29 days
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Technical description


As for any application addressed to a large number of recipients, the biggest challenge was the infrastructure. We focused on serverless and microservices, which provided virtually unlimited scalability. Another challenge was to create a code base that would allow us to quickly implement dedicated mobile applications. That is why our team chose React and the Material-ui framework for this project.

Serverless & micro-services

The application has been divided into several microservices and works on the basis of a number of serverless offered by AWS. Thanks to this approach, the entire platform can handle an unlimited number of users and queries at the same time, and the infrastructure is very stable and secure.

React, Redux & Material UI

The front-end as a microservice has been written as SPA based on React, Redux and Material UI, which not only increases the performance and stability of the interface but also will allow us to quickly implement dedicated applications for iOS and Android in the future.

AWS cloud tools

S3, CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, Lambda, RDS, EC2 i Route 53.


React/Redux, Material UI, Python (Django), PostgreSQL and HTML5/CSS3.