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Are you hesitant to make a mobile version of your website? These arguments will persuade you

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The era of browsing the Internet using a computer is passing irretrievably. It may soon become a relic.

Smaller devices have dominated the market. So much so that while homeless people are standing in line for a bowl of soup, average consumers are waiting outside a store for a new iPhone.

Let's face it. We're going nuts about the "Internet in our pocket." Not without reason. The computing power of an average smartphone is greater than that of personal computers a few years ago. Smartphones are suitable not only for browsing the Internet but also for playing complex video games.

The first sign that something was changing appeared in 2015. That's when the number of web searches was higher on mobile devices than computers. That should give entrepreneurs who want to increase profits some food for thought. We're already in 2019, and the popularity of mobile devices is growing every year. Although it would be best to find a balance between using mobile and desktop devices.

The role of Google

A software house knows that the mobile version of a website is where the fun begins. So it will prioritize it without neglecting the desktop version. Designing a computer website and then adapting it to mobile devices misses the point. It's much easier to create a mobile version first, which can then be easily adapted to a PC.

Now we get to the heart of why mobile versions are so important. In March 2018, Google launched Mobile First Index. When determining a website's position in search results, the algorithm considers the mobile version first and then the desktop version.

Therefore, an Internet user looking for a particular service will come across our mobile site thanks to a search engine. So it would be good to make it as polished as possible. It only takes a few seconds for a potential customer, discouraged by the poor interface, to stop browsing.

The better the user experience, the better the indexing of a website in Google.

Mobile version of Google search engine
The Google search engine has played a huge role in the importance of mobile versions of websites. | Photo: Unsplash.com

However, I must emphasize one thing. Even if we don't have a mobile version of a site, the desktop version will be used for the indexing process.

Although, the lack of solutions that favor mobile devices can negatively affect the ranking of our site.

Google will index the desktop version by considering its display quality on mobile devices. However, nothing will give us a better result in the search engines than a well-prepared mobile version. A helpful tool is the mobile optimization test from Google.

The best solution in designing a website is to use Responsive Web Design. The advantage of RWD is that it adapts to the hardware on which it's displayed. It doesn't matter whether you view a site on a small or large screen, it will always look good, and the user experience will reach a satisfactory level.

On a streetcar or in the office?

In the mobile vs. desktop dispute, it's important to see the context in which we use the web. A well-designed desktop version proves significant when we offer services to other businesses.

We can assume that some bored lady will be browsing through our offer on the office computer.

The most outstanding entrepreneurs want to handle everything related to their company through a smartphone, from banking through site and employee management to work results. They would also love to see offers from other companies on their phone.

The dilemmas of an ordinary user, for whom the most essential things are current information and entertainment, are different. While riding a streetcar or relaxing on the couch, the average Internet user browses news or gossip portals, chats with friends on Facebook, and hits on women on Tinder, but, let's remember, he is also shopping.

Smartphones are always close at hand, so they perform well in almost any place.

Why are mobile versions so important?

Let's summarize in a few points why mobile versions play such an important role today:

  • they provide better positioning in Google;
  • users are more likely to use the Internet on a smartphone;
  • it's easier to design a mobile version of a website, and we can effortlessly adapt it to computers;
  • we use Responsive Web Design;
  • the popularity of mobile devices continues to grow.

We Audit. We Research. We Design.

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Author: Piotr Burakowski
Business and technology journalist, publishing since 2006.
Reviewer: Dymitr Romanowski

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