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Bullhorn - what is it?

Bullhorn is a system for managing the recruitment process in companies. This solution has been on the market since 1999. Bullhorn was created on the basis of the CRM system and then evolved into the recruitment system - today it combines the features of both these types of software.

Thanks to the CRM’s logic, Bullhorn treats the candidate as a lead. Working in the Bullhorn system as an HR manager, recruitment takes the dimension of a recruitment funnel, which consists of several stages. On the funnel, we see the progress of the candidates, and we can analyze each of them from the perspective of participating in several recruitments simultaneously. In addition, the system has been enriched with algorithms that recognize and analyze CV content, which significantly simplifies the work of HR departments.

Bullhorn is intuitive and GDPR compliant. What's more, it perfectly responds to the needs of companies recruiting at the same time who are looking for employees in different countries.

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