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We conduct UX audits bearing in mind the client's business goals

UX Audit is a set of research methods and techniques that allow you identify and understand the problems that a user faces on your website. In the study, we focus on the user's perspective, but on the other hand, we must remember about the platform's business goals.

The UX audit purpose is to increase website conversion, in particular to determine whether users encounter problems by implementing website usage scenarios. The auditor identifies errors and their causes. Develops recommendations that are designed to improve conversions.

When using the UX audit service, we use many research techniques, and in the case of expert audits, we use recognized work standards of usability designers: Nielsen heuristics, Shneiderman principles, interface benchmarking and design frameworks with widest communities.

Expert Audit

Expert Audit

We verify whether the website achieves business goals and responds to the user's needs.
Expert + User Audit

Expert + User Audit

We verify user paths in a natural environment by analyzing visits recordings using HotJar and Yandex Metrica.
Insight audit

Insight audit

We learn why users behave this way and not otherwise. Users perform test tasks based on usage scenarios and share Insights during in-depth interviews.

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