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The cloud is more than servers

The cloud is not just about servers, it's thousands of solutions that you can use in your company's business software.

We specialize in the analysis and selection of cloud solutions that will answer your business needs. Do you need to base your software on blockchain? Please, kindly. We will use Amazon Managed Blockchain. Want to have your own chatbot with a voice interface? We will use Amazon Lex, combine it with Amazon Transcride to convert speech into text, and with Amazon Polly, which converts text to speech. today, agile product development and programming is a skillful combination of ready components and solutions to create added value. That's what cloud solutions are - AWS and Google Cloud.

We use our knowledge of available cloud solutions to design better digital products (product design) and increase the efficiency of created software (web development).

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  • 30+ applications made thanks to cloud solutions
  • 10+ years on the software market
  • 3+ AWS certified specialists