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Our web design team designs effective websites and business applications. We use the latest technologies and methods created for one purpose only. In order to create an effective, easier to use, better meeting your business goals.


Based on user models, collected traffic data and research results, we will offer website structure, content and information architecture. We will prepare a functional prototype, we will rely on a visual identification system, we will propose a key visual and Design System for a digital product. We will design the screen by screen application based on the logic of the components, which will significantly accelerate the design and changes in the future.


Responsive Web Design? Is our work philosophy. We design mobile-first, regardless of whether they are wireframes or mockups of the website. We use Material Design as a quality standard in layout design, typography and other interface elements.


We animate illustrations with Lottie instead of using gifs and videos. Thanks to this, we maintain the image quality of Retina and maintain a high level of website performance.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

We design websites and web applications optimized and available regardless of the size of the device on which they are displayed. To maintain User Experience, we design Mobile First at every stage of work - from wireframe to clickable prototype.
Material Design

Material Design

From technical point of view, we base design on the standard from Google. This allows us to maintain quality and maintain the layout in the grid on every screen of the created application.
Design System

Design System

We think with components, which allows us to design for React and reduce the costs spent on changes in the design - changes in colors, fonts, illustrations, tables. We document and build a Design System application during ongoing work on the project.

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Web Design

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We designed the interface of a website selling knowledge. We wanted to maintain User Experience at every level regardless of the type of user. The share of mobile users will be significant. The search for training is often done on the way to work or home. Sometimes during a meal, boring lecture or meeting.

Web Design web design

The corporate website interface we proposed and implemented was created as part of the work on rebranding the KCR brand. The work on the website design allowed us to verify the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed identification system. As a result, a digital brand was created, with a useful design, convenient to manage around the world.

  • 100+ web applications designed
  • 10+ years on the web design market
  • 5 Awwwards awards
  • Material Design web design according to the Google quality standard