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tre product is a startup founded by Polish designer Tomasz Rygalik. The company designs and sells interior products.

Graphic example

Brand message - the idea of avoiding over-consumption

The timelessness of products, and thus - quality and durability, is the promise of the tre product brand. Our task was to create a website that reflects this idea and takes the user to the world of tre product design.

Horizontal navigation and user flow

According to the client's concept, the user navigates the website both horizontally and vertically.

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Flow chart

Product template

As we chose the Magento platform for the e-commerce implementation, the design of the templates was based on Magento guidelines on the one hand, and on the other hand, it should preserve the brand world.

Page preview

Online and offline shopping

After selecting the products, the website indicates the online and offline shops in which these products are available - automatically (after accepting the user's location) or manually, after entering the name of the town. In the latter case, the shops located closest to the location selected by the user are indicated.

Shop finder preview Shop finder preview Shop finder preview

Content is the king

tre product is a content service in the full sense of the word. Its appearance, readability and experience is built on the basis of the content managed by the client using the CMS. Our task was to create a framework in which the design is created by the content designer.

Content preview Content preview Content preview
Sample graphic
Sample graphic

Brand colors

Primary variant 1
Primary variant 2


Zgodnie z brandguide w projekcie opieraliśmy się o font SangBleu Sunrise.

Project stack

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