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It is sometimes best to take a bird’s eye view on the scale of a company's operations. To this end, we decided to take advantage of a fashionable youth trend in Russia - skywalking, i.e. illegal rooftop tours and climbing to the highest points in the city. presents key projects involving Engex engineers.

Image service for Engex

The Engex company deals with construction engineering - it works according to the BIM method (building information modeling) to determine a building's energy needs and design its installation. Engex is focused on everything that hides behind a beautiful architectural design, the facade, interior design and construction materials used.

Scope of work on the image service

After a trial photo session in St. Petersburg, we moved to Moscow, where we planned in detail the city points and roofs that should be accessed in order to photograph the chosen objects. The results of the session became the starting point for the image service project. It was possible to see the whole portfolio of the company with the added potential of filtering by expertise and services.

Scope of work on the image service - image

UI Design Idea

UX and UI-focused design is key in the image service. We took a photo of the panorama of Moscow from the roof of the five-star Nikolskaya Kempinski Moscow Hotel. This is the photograph in which we based the main page. Horizontal navigation allows you to scroll the panorama left and right. The Engex project map is scaled and can be moved by the user in any direction. The smooth operation of the website was ensured thanks to JavaScript technology, and the speed of uploading photos, regardless of user location, was guaranteed by AWS Amazon. This website received a distinction commendation in the competition.

UI Design Idea - image 1
UI Design Idea - image 2

The first photo session took place with the participation of the now well-known roof photographer Vitaliy Raskalov: Moscow City, Yaponskiy Dom, Eropkinskiy 16, Central Bank of Russia, Liget Dukat, Korin P.D. House Museum, Olympic Plaza.

The second photo session was conducted by Evgeniy Yakushev: Vnukovo Airport, Sheremetyevo Airport, Golden Keys 1 RC, Kenink Business Center, Tretiakov Plaza, Barkli Park, Nikolskaya Kempinski Moscow Hotel, The Cathedral Church, Alekseevskiy RC, Moscow Wool Spinning Factory.

We shared the photo sessions on Instagram and Facebook.

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