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Leaderna Platform

Management tool for the drug development process.

UX Design UI Design

Project Start: 2021


News portal for the FMCG industry with paywall and subscription.

UX/UI Design Python Django React AWS Elasticsearch API YouTube Microservices

Project Start: 2021


Online service for YouTubers to handle payments from viewers.

React PHP Docker AWS Websocket RabbitMQ API YouTube API with banks Online payments Microservices

Project Start: 2020

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Product service for the manufacturer of the off-road trailers.

UX/UI Design React Python Django AWS Microservices

Project Start: 2020


Search engine to book an appointment with a doctor and NHS services.

UX/UI Design React Python Django AWS NHS API Microservices

Project Start: 2019

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Online service to gather votes among property owners.

React PHP AWS Lamda Microservices

Project Start: 2018

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and many more...